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You’ve worked hard for the right to wear those sleeveless tops.  Summers almost over. Isn’t it time to rest on your laurels/well-sculpted arms, already? I mean, you’ve been working out, making the most of Colorado’s great outdoors and having fun doing it.  But you’ll notice that things are changing.  The weathers starting to turn, the […]

I get mad when I watch the Olympics. It’s not because I can’t stand the blatant commercialism of what was previously an ‘amateur only’ sport.  Nor is it because of the rampant battle between which athletes have the best ‘performance enhancements’ and the poorly funded drug testing centers.  I also don’t mind that the majority […]

Weight Loss and Ninjas?  Bear with me here. You see, there’s a scene in just about every ninja movie ever made where someone tries to sneak up on the good guy.  He (or she) acts totally cool, then the attacker all of a sudden catches a flurry of moves that would put a ginsu knife […]

Functional Training – the story continues. This is part 2 of a post about an innocent body that once tried working out.  In part 1, we saw how the bodies brain decided to find out exactly what functional training was so it could sound smarter next time it’s body was working out in the gym. […]

Weight loss is possibly one of the hardest things any of us can do. How often is it that the best intentions for weight loss get crushed right at the start?  Being the owner of a small personal training studio here in Denver means I get to see lots of people right at the start […]

Functional Training has finally arrived as part of the common language of gyms. What is functional training?  It’s a style of training being misunderstood by gyms and gym goers across the country.  It’s been around for ages, but, like Functional Training is quickly becoming the ‘set of steak knives’ term that clubs and fitness centers […]

Toning.  Toned.  Tone. Let’s see it used in a sentence. Ohmygod.  Look at Stacey in that cute sleeveless top!  Her arms are so nice and toned, she must have been working out over the winter break….  I hate her so much right now. Toning.  It’s exercise-speak for ‘looking fit, but not buff’ Ahh, how we […]

If you live in Denver then chances are you have heard me talk  or attended one of my classes about ski conditioning and movement specific patterns.   When getting ready for ski season how we workout can be an important decision that either helps or hurts our skiing ability and endurance. Here’s why you want to […]

If you ever wondered what the benefits might be for changing up your workout, this video featuring Dr Roy Sugarman – an internationally recognized neuroscientist who talks about switching up your workouts at an extreme level to keep building your ‘brain muscles’.  How indepth is his knowledge?  He’s gone through about 20,000 articles in the […]

If you ever wondered what could be done with your butt and a resistance band that would give you satisfaction on a whole new level, then you may end your search here. On a completely PG level, your booty can get a great workout in a way that it just can’t with any other exercise. […]