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If you ever wondered what could be done with your butt and a resistance band that would give you satisfaction on a whole new level, then you may end your search here.

On a completely PG level, your booty can get a great workout in a way that it just can’t with any other exercise.

I made a video about 2 years ago that is just now reaching 40,000 hits – it was called ‘how to get the perfect butt’

Here’s a video to show you the newest version of the perfect butt workout – it integrates a band and is not only a great butt exercise, it uses the core as well!

Note:  I am using a band wrapped around a barre at the a very cool denver boot camp/goal-based fitness studio downtown.  If you need to, use a pole/bannister/piece of furniture/your boyfriend.


there you have it.  The perfect lunge using a resistance band that promises to give you results that no other lunge can match.   Promise.  Just have a crack at it.

Go on.  Give it a shot – just do 2 sets on each side and write a comment letting me know if you felt it in a spiritually enlightening way (meaning you used the phrase ‘jesus ch$#%t that’s hard!’ numerous times)

Have fun!

yours in lunging health,

Jamie Atlas

PS Thanks to Michol Dalcourt for the inspiration for this exercise!

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