WE ALL WANT TO LOVE OUR BODIES. Not just love how we look in the mirror, but love how we feel and how we move. But sometimes, when you’re staring down at a number between your toes that always seems to be creeping up, it’s hard to believe you can ever get to a place where you love your body and your body loves you.

But guess what? You can. I mean it. You can. When you focus on what you can control…you simply CAN.

I say this because I’ve worked with all kinds of people with different demands, challenges, and issues they’ve needed to overcome. And while I can’t say I’ve made life-altering changes for everyone, I can tell you that I’ve seen people amaze me with their results and attitudes. If anything, it’s been life-altering for me, seeing what people achieve when they’ve got someone that believes that they CAN.

But how do we get to CAN?

I believe that when it comes to losing weight and making change, you CAN when you have the right tools, and the patience to learn how to use them.


Finding those tools that are right for you is where most people lose hope/steam/faith. Thankfully, that’s where I come in.

You see, I enjoy learning about people—what they are trying to achieve, what they never thought possible—then pulling from my toolbox to see what I have that matches the direction they’re looking to go. In the 20 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve realized that my tools fall into three main categories: THINK. DO. FUEL. These tools help people eat well, teach people how to move right for the results they want, and give them guidance on being in control of their thoughts, and helping them understand that amazing things are possible when given a little patience, faith, time, and determination. (Having a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.)

So hang around and explore my site. My work is my passion and I hope that you’ll find something here that’ll help make a lasting, positive difference in your world. Because that’s the second reason I do this. Number one is because I believe you CAN (remember?).

Want to learn a little more about how I work? Watch this short video.

Jamie in Action