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Are your results in the gym starting to stagnate? Feeling like you aren’t improving despite your best efforts? Losing motivation?

This youtube video explains how to get 52 workouts and 52 how to videos for each workout:


Is your workout feeling like it is not giving you exercise or results you need to keep your routine fresh?


As an exercise physiologist, I have had the opportunity to work with a large variety of athletes and people just beginning to exercise. I have noticed that many people do not change their workouts frequently, and when they do, they tend to change the workout in a way that actually increases their chance of injury! Not changing your workout is inefficient and potentially dangerous for the following reasons:

Your body adapts to the workout and your results fade

By not changing the exercises, your muscles adapt and your body uses less calories with each workout. Simply increasing the weight or changing an exercise is not enough. The science of program design is an exact one that requires certain elements to be changed at different times through your workout cycle.

By doing the same exercises over and over again, you use the same joints in the same way and increase wear and tear

If you use the same machines and cardio equipment, you can increase the risk of injury by overusing your joints in certain ways. You also ignore other muscles that do not get trained by certain exercises. It is important your joints can adapt as the body strengthens – if your joints are not working properly, working out will only increase the risk of injury even greater. To make sure you have a clear, scientifically structured path for peak results, I have designed 52 workouts that are to be done each week and progresses in the correct way to ensure proper progression and maximal results.

An example of one of the exercises used in the 52 workout program

An example of one of the exercises used in the 52 workout program

Exercise workout programs are usually done incorrectly due to lack of/absence of correct instruction – go too hard for certain exercises and you may decrease your total calorie output due to over-exhaustion of key muscles preventing you from peak performance.

With each workout you get an easy to follow instructional video (in ipod and online format) explaining how to do the workout – every exercise and every stretch features important technique tips.

an example of one of the workouts offered

an example of one of the workouts offered

Purchase in the month of May and receive a bonus video that explains how to ‘tweak’ each of these programs to get the very best results, whether it is improving muscle tone, burning fat or working on your posture.

How much for 52 workouts and 52 how to videos? $104 – exactly $2 per workout.

If you are interested please email or respond to this post.

Yours in health,

Jamie Atlas

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