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You know how some men watch football and scream at the TV?

That’s me every time I see one of these so-called ‘fitness products’ on the late night infomercials.

You know it. I know it. She knows it and this guy knows it.

The chances of your average Jane or Joe getting to look like this is going to require a whole lot more than a hot water bottle around the belly.

You see, I hate fitness infomercials. No wait, thats not strong enough. I detest fitness infomercials

You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that promise health results are are also conveniently designed to be easily stored away after use – and never see the light of day again.

If I released a drug to the market that was ineffective for 90% of the population but worked great for just 10%… would that be acceptable by anyones standards?

If I then took the 10% and blasted their results all over TV how long would it take for the hammer to come down on my operation? Apparently I would have no problems at all… as long as I gave the magical words ‘results not typical’.

It doesnt mean you cant do it. It does mean that you shouldn’t believe the hype, and it also means that you should know that it is going to be hard work.

If it was easy then plus size stores would not exist and pizza hut would not be reporting record profits.

It requires commitment like you have never given before. So make sure you know what you want. It weight loss is what you want then set your eyes on that goal and do not turn away. Treat your goal as the small cubs and yourself as the mama bear and dont let anyone or anything come between you and that goal

Release your inner ‘Mama Bear’ if anyone or anything tries to get between you and what is important to you.

This lady knows what I am talking about when it comes to the infomercials and their propoganda.

So does this guy

If you forget everything else this post is about, remember this:

Aim for small, manageable, continuous improvement

Ever met the guy who lost 60 pounds in three weeks, only to yo-yo it back on and then some? I get to meet him on a regular basis – in fact the gyms have quite a number of people like that (maybe you have some friends like that).

Dont be discouraged if you dont end up looking like the guy/girl on the calendar picture that has probably been photoshopped and camera magicked beyond all recognition. Just pull out a picture of how you used to look and focus on being different than that.

Katie Couric losing 20 pounds in 20 seconds thanks to the miracle ‘photoshop workout’

The body will respond best to gradual changes to its dimensions. Push it too hard and it may push back in the form of joint pain, bad technique or injury.

Don’t expect dramatic change – I don’t care what the infomercial says.

If you start a weight loss program and you get more results in the first week, great for you. Your weight loss will plateau. Get mentally ready for it. When it happens, just keep plugging away and dont give up on it.

Dont give up even if you don’t lose another pound for a month. Never watch another episode of worlds biggest loser, tell other people to shove their advice where the sun don’t shine and stick to what gives you healthy, moderate progress towards your goal.

Think about this:

The slower your body gets to where you want it to be, the less likely it will be to bounce right back

So, keep it real. Keep your expectations real, keep your progress real and keep your commitment to yourself real.

Best in health,

Jamie Atlas

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