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You know when you learn something really cool after searching for it for years?  Like when you found out you could sneak into the local club for free if you went through a certain door – you weren’t sure whether to tell it to others because then if everyone knew it wouldn’t be as special and exclusive when you showed it to your new date you were trying to impress with your urban insider knowledge.  Well, this is what happened with one of my favorite ‘top-secret fitness clients only’ exercises.

Kim Kardashian... you may now take your 'booty game' to the next level.

Well, I was asked for my favorite butt-lifting exercise the other day by a person from the local media who was in charge of the fitness section.  And I told it – then I was asked to help run a photo shoot for it.  Then I was asked to give a description so it could be in the paper.. And then the paper went to print today.  And now, my top secret #1 butt-lifting exercise is out in the open, exposed and lonely, free to be abused and misinterpreted by any and all roughhouse workout fanatics.  Be kind, Denver Post, be kind 🙂

I only hope that it is treated with the kindness and reverence I have given it for many years.  Goodbye, sweet butt-lifting angled step up.  I will miss our special moments – but it was time for you to be free for the world to enjoy you as well.

And now, I will share this link with you so you can see how I think this butt-fitness exercise should be done – not the variations that you may see in the near future:

Yours in health,

Jamie Atlas

PS Want to see another butt-lifting video that I made on “how to get the perfect butt” while working on your fitness?  Its not my best work, but by golly by gee, it’s my most popular vid with about 40,000 views.  it didn’t make it to the Denver Post, but that’s probably on account of its racy content 😉


  • xelif Jul 27, 2010 Reply

    You are doing a service to the world, my friend, by contributing to the assets of the people. Thank you. Still, remember, information is only potential energy until it’s worked into kinetic, so we shall see what arises.

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