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If weight loss is important to you and you want it at an affordable price, you need to know about small group personal training.  Small group personal training is more focused than a group aerobics class and less expensive than 1-1 personal training.  It’s not a boot camp either – its more than that.  More attention, more variety, more interaction and more value.

Here’s a quick example of what personal training in a small group setting looks like:


As a personal trainer in Denver, whenever I travel to go to conferences whether as an attendee or a delegate to present I am always amazed by the divide between group exercise instructors and personal trainers.

Why does this divide exist?  Why hasn’t it been bridged by other personal trainers and group instructors?

Is it because the group instructors thin the personal trainers can’t keep a beat and the personal trainers think the group instructors can’t count to 12?  Up until now, boot camp instructors have been teaching boot camp as a solution – but some people need a more focused approach than just a regular boot camp can offer.

What does it mean to have a small group personal training class?  To me, it means the best of both worlds.  Interactive enough that you get personalized attention and don’t get stuck in a crowd (like you might at an aerobics class) but not so one-on-one that you end up paying $80/hr for some guy to hold your water bottle for you and yell intermittently at you.

If you were to add in some fun new equipment the world hasn’t seen before, then that makes things even more fun and interesting.

Check the video below to see an example of a small group class I recently taught:

check out the video at :51 seconds to see what it looks like with the disco ball turned on!

That’s right, I said disco ball!


Enjoy – if you want to know more just reply to this post or email atlasbootcamps (at)

Get in touch and let’s talk.  If weight loss or muscle toning is important for you, then we have innovative, effective and user-friendly systems that are built just for you.  If you are looking to use that new body to improve your cycling/running/swimming/tennis/most other sports or activities, we provide specialty training within the class to focus your results in the direction you need.

Just send me an email if you are interested in getting on the list for membership for when the place opens.

Yours in health,

Jamie Atlas

PS Just call 720 203 3084 if you have questions or want information on how to get started with this affordable, tailored small group personal training system.

  • Arian May 11, 2010 Reply

    I really believe that smaller group workouts are more beneficial. Far too often the people that need help in losing weight are lost in the background, and are not given the attention they deserve in a larger group. I equate a small exercise group to the small classroom. In a small classroom the teacher is able to give more attention to each and every student, and each student is given a better chance at success. With a small exercise group it’s the same.

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Thanks!

  • YouAreNotAFitPerson Jun 13, 2010 Reply

    Looks awesome. My personal training gym does some combined sessions and group sessions and they really are almost as good as one on one and so much cheaper! I can’t recommend it enough.

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