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Ok, so I don’t often get excited about weight loss strategies or weight loss books – but I have a new theory on how to get my clients in shape fast and I am pretty excited about it.

It has to do with breakfast (the most important meal of the day) and salad (one of the easiest ways to get your veggies into you).

If weight loss is important to you, this may be the easiest and fastest way to make a positive change in the relationship between you and your bathroom scale.

weight loss, your scale and you.  Let's just be friends

Ok little buddy. Lets just hug it out and try again in a few days, ok?

The new most important meal of the day:  the breakfast salad!

Now, before you scoff heartily at my preposterous suggestion, ponder this. What do you normally eat for breakfast?  Chances are it’s a high carb, quick burning meal that you scoff down without really chewing or enjoying.  Or nothing.

When do you normally eat lunch?

Is there a lot of activity you need to do (mental and/or physical) that might require a sharp mind and/or energized body?

If you were to run a marathon, would you eat nothing for 14 hours beforehand?

weight loss and salads go together

Tell me that doesn't look better than a bowl of soggy cheerios!

If you eat dinner then skip breakfast, that is exactly what you are doing when you show up to work with an empty stomach, work for 3-4 hours then desperately claw at the starbucks counter for something less than healthy to quickly refill your energy stores (9pm dinner, 11am lunch = 14 hours time difference – you never thought of it like that, did you?)

The whole ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ battle is not what I want this article to be about, so if you don’t believe me then try finding research that supports NOT eating breakfast.   I would be interested to hear what you find…

Back to my brekky salad suggestion. I am going to make it easy for you.  Just watch this video and you will see exactly how I make it.  This is in two parts because it is all done in one shot.

weight loss is not for cats

Some things just don't go well in a salad. Cats would be included in the list of exclusions.

I haven’t used any tv magic or any ‘here’s one we made earlier’ tricks like that.  Just throwing it together and getting it done.

Right about now would probably be a good time to note that I am no Giada (I certainly don’t have her cooking skills, nor do I have her cleavage) but hopefully what you see you will find useful and will inspire you to believe that you can do it too.



Making time for being healthy is a matter of priorities.  Here’s a tip for those that are tight on time:

Get to bed 15 minutes earlier so you can get up 15 minutes earlier so you have 15 minutes in the morning to make this salad.

Alternatively, you can always prepare things on sunday and cook them up monday tuesday if you are really strapped for time early in the morning.   There really is no excuse for not at least trying this.  Let me say that again:

There really is no excuse for not at least trying this.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Or maybe I should ask you this: If you were  to start eating a high fiber, healthy filling and nutritious breakfast salad, what’s the best thing that might happen?

tossed salad weight loss

Toss it around and chomp it up. Salads can do your body good on multiple levels.

And now, for your cooking pleasure/amusement (drumroll please)

Jamie’s Breakfast Salad!

Big ol’ handful of spinach

2 rashers of turkey bacon, sliced into 1 x 2 inch strips

2 spoonfuls of onion, diced & washed

1/4 avocado, chopped

1 ‘drizzling’ of olive oil (reminds me of a joke – why does snoop dogg carry an umbrella?  Fo’ drizzle.  If you don’t get that one, tell your kids.  I will let them explain it to you).

salt/pepper/braggs amino acids to taste

Heat pan to medium.  Cook turkey bacon, then eggs, then onions.

Stir in frypan until done.

Think happy thoughts about your own health.

Chop egg into small pieces and place over salad with onion and bacon.

Flavor, drizzle, enjoy.

Not too hard, right?  Just toss together (literally!) some healthy ingredients and you have a salad ready to go!

And of course, what is one of the tenements, the most sacred of commandments when trying to lose weight and get into your skinny jeans?

Eat your veggies!  Eat more fiber!  Eat breakfast!  Eat healthy foods!  Well, dear reader – welcome to the jackpot 🙂

Want to try it for yourself or make your own Brekky Salad?

Here’s what you need:


Base of spinach/lettuce/some kind of leafy green


A smattering of protein, could be beef, chicken, egg, salmon, manatee, anything works really.

If you are vegetarian you could use sesame seeds/walnuts/almonds/pine nuts/soy bacon/garbanzo beans – want me to keep going?


Some other (possibly sauteed) veggies  such as peppers/onions/grape tomatoes/cucumber/asparagus… the list is really only limited by your imagination.


You can use Braggs amino acids as I have recommended in the video, but alternatively you could just use herbs/spices/fat free dressing/fat filled dressing.

Really can’t go wrong here folks, just don’t go crazy with it and let the flavors of the salad shine through rather than drench it in dressing.

If you want to be leaner than where you are, you can help yourself out by eating better than what you are.

So what inspired this spark of nutritional creativity?  Well, to be honest the concept of eating veggies at breakfast isn’t anything new.  All I have done is proposed a larger ratio of vegetables to protein (ever had an omelet with veggies folded into it?  This is just like that but with more veggies and without the muffin and jam on the side).

We all know we need our veggies, this is just a way to get them in at the start of the day – you get a great filling meal, the confidence of knowing you are already well on your way to having lots of veggies and fiber for the day (just like all those healthy eating commercials say you are supposed to) and hopefully it didn’t take too long to make and enjoy!


6700kg of salad makes up the worlds largest salad. Dammit, I ordered the dressing on the side! Send it back!


Before you start getting defensive and waving your Captain Crunch box above your head and saying something about “prying it from my cold, dead hands” just think of this.

Don’t Overcomplicate This

You don’t have to eat a salad for brekky every day.  But wouldn’t it be great it you did it just a couple of times a week? I think that is something any of us can manage to do.

If not because it is quick and easy, then because your body will thank you for it, your energy level will be higher and your hair will be shinier and the opposite sex will find you immediately more attractive.

Ok, some of those promises may or may not necessarily be true… but if you believed they could be, would that make you make and eat your very own brekky salad?  That’s what I thought 🙂

Yours in health,

Jamie Atlas

  • honey Dec 1, 2009 Reply

    everything about this video is great… content and execution very well done! a very sensible approach to getting your veggies. glad you recommended this! hope there are more videos coming.

  • artbuff Jan 13, 2010 Reply

    Yes! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! I’m running out of patience and interest in my current diet (same stuff nearly every day), and I’m definitely down for trying this… however, I’m trying out a pescatarian lifestyle, so I’ll have to fore-go the turkey bacon (although it sounds amazing). I think it’ll taste great without it, or with a meat substitute.

    I’m unfamiliar with both the seasoning (something du jour) and the amino spray. I’ll look into it!

  • vicki Frederiks May 23, 2010 Reply

    Actually did this some 30 years ago – to be trimmed down for an airline interview – which I got. Oh yeah – lost 13 kgs in 11 weeks, and felt invincible. Am glad to see others are doing likewise.

  • Shannon Jun 6, 2010 Reply

    I have been actually eating a sald for breakfeast for the last two weeks. I’ve noticed that the scale has droped a great number. So, it dose work!

  • Great ideas and recipes that I’d agree that would help with weight loss!


  • football kits Jun 29, 2010 Reply

    I have salad for lunch every day but never considered it for breakfast, i’ll certainly be giving it a try now though.

  • Melinda Aug 19, 2010 Reply

    Never heard of a breakfast salad in my life.. But want to try it and hopefully i will lose weight.. want to try a meal plan where it would be edible but also healthy

  • Louisa Jul 20, 2011 Reply

    Salad for breakfast is no different than putting spinach or other veggies in an omelet… Salad is just better for you! I dont think veggies in the morning is unusual – just calling it salad takes some getting use to. I eat a salad for breakfast three times a week and love the way I fell & live keeping the weight down. Remember: don’t over do it with dressings or cheese 🙂

  • MerrySunshinePgh Oct 9, 2011 Reply

    I have been eating a spinach salad every morning for 2 months and I am not at all hungry like I normally would when eating the traditional American breakfast.

    I buy a small bag of baby spinach from the grocery store and keep it in the refrigerator at work until the end of the week. In the morning, I stop by Subway Restaurant and order a $3.00breakfast sandwich non-tosted (which consist of meat egg and cheese) and ask the server to fill the sandwich with my choice of vegetables. Once I am at work, I throw away the bread and toss the filling from the sandwich onto a bed of baby spinach. I cut the spinach, meat, cheese, vegetables on a plate, and pop in the microwave for only 30 seconds. Microwaving it longer makes the spinach and veggies too mushy). This is a very filling, delicious, low carb breakfast.

    Your stomach is very full and I’ve noticed the salads has a digestive cleansing effect. I feel healthier and my sugar and junk food cravings have lessen.

    This was the best health discovery I’ve found. PS: People at work thinks this is a bit odd, but they are eating bowls of cereal, bagles, and are still hungry. One co-worker started eating is veggies and his protein in the morning and told me that it also keeps him full.

    • jamieatlas Oct 15, 2011 Reply

      Merry, I like your style. It will be even more interesting to see what happens to your cholesterol etc… I had one client drop 50 points by just changing her breakfast to a similar style.. if you get any updates please feel free to share that here.

  • Maggie Aug 8, 2012 Reply

    I have started eating a large salad with my eggs scrambled with leeks every morning. Keeps me full and happy for 6 to 7 hours after I eat – feel so much better and lighter!

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