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Ever wondered why some people can lose weight easily but for others it seems near impossible?

Is it just coincidence that lean people seem to stay lean?hamster

Ever wondered why two people can go on the same diet but not get the same results?

Our own individual chemistry plays a part in how much body fat we will likely lose when on a diet/workout regime.

The major factor in how much our body will lose is determined by how overloaded our body is already. Rather than try to explain the intricate details of your physiology, lets talk about what we all know about the end result of being overloaded.

img_nutrition_landingIf you are overloaded at work and your cubicle neighbor asks if they can palm a small project off to you, your reaction is likely to be different than if you have an easy load.

Once your body has been overcome by whatever stress/dietary habits/sleep patterns/hormone variations/internal allergic reactions the path to weight gain has been laid down and there is a downward slide about to happen.

If you speak to anyone that took medication or hormone supplementation they will tell you they changed nothing in their diet and suddenly started gaining weight. Why? Because although their calorie intake was the same, the way their body was able to process what was going in was the differentiating factor.

Its not what goes into your mouth, its how your body is processing that energy that makes the difference.

For the next two weeks, notice the following an hour after each meal:

Are you still hungry?

How bloated do you feel?

Do you have energy or do you feel sluggish?

All of the above may be signs of a metabolism that has slowed according to your diet.  How to change it?  The top three culprits are usually the following:



Milk and milk products

Don’t ask me why – I can just promise you that if you were to eat the same calories but cut out those products you would lose weight and feel like you had more energy.

So track how you feel and if you find yourself feeling sluggish, still hungry and low on energy, note what you ate and try something different tomorrow.

Remember that your body is your own – your chemistry and how you process food is unique to anyone else.  Track how you feel after your meals and refine your meals to give you a better energy boost.  Keep track of these!

As you lose weight your body will respond differently to different foods by virtue of your own chemistry changing.

Why did nobody tell you this?  Because they think you wont pay attention to a message that is more complicated than ‘calories in / calories out’.  I however am going to give you more credit than that – so don’t make me look bad, ok?  🙂

Got a question?  Post a comment at the bottom and I will gladly help in any way I can.

Yours in health,

Jamie Atlas

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