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Here is a philosophical question for you – and it isn’t anything lame like one of those ‘who would you rather get it on with, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie’ (and no, Brangelina is not an option).

What if I told you a sixpack was impossible for you?

What if I did some magic genetic test and you found out you were always going to have a bit of fat covering the belly.

So many of us are in the gym working out and it hit me the other day that some of these people may never get to have a lean sixpack stomach (probably most of them). And it made me sad to think that these people might give up exercise altogether out of frustration.

How would you react? Would you keep working out?

Would you stop altogether once you got the news about your permanent pooch and say “Well, that’s it then. I guess I might as well go get some bon-bons”

(does anyone actually eat bon bons anymore? They seem to be the standard fat joke food, but whenever I look for them in the supermarket i can never find them)

In case you are wondering, this is (apparently) is a bonbon. I still dont know what is inside, but they appear deliciously bad for you.

Why do you exercise? If you knew you couldn’t get the aesthetic goal you wanted – if it was never going to be a possibility even if you camped out at whole foods and ate only the most organic and health of foods in a carefully balanced and precise nutrition regimen and worked out like a banshee in spandex…

Would you keep working out even if your aesthetic goals were not attainable?

Are we all exercising purely for aesthetic reasons?

Do we not even care about the potential problems that come from inactivity?

Research shows that inactivity increases our chances of experiencing:

  • Joint pain
  • Heart problems
  • Bone density issues
  • Cancer of a variety of types
  • Lack of energy
  • Greater strength losses as we age
  • Reduced flexibility (think you have trouble touching your toes now?)

Does any of the above life altering factors matter to you? Did they ever enter your consciousness before? Does it matter now that you have read it again? Why didn’t it matter before?

Your daily activity is connected to much more than your ability to fit into your skinny pants

I feel like that is all I see on TV nowadays – sixpacks left and right and nary a heart health commercial in sight. Let me know if that is all you people really want!

Am I not seeing the same things you are?

Is quality of life just not sexy enough anymore?

Jamie Atlas

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