People think diet and exercise are the keys to losing weight and making change, but the secret to real results comes from controlling your mind.  Not in a “Let’s move that vase across the room with psychic powers,” but in an “I get to choose how I process this experience” type of way. You see, making choices and learning to breathe before you react are all skills.

When we have poorly developed choice-making skills, sometimes we make poor choices. 

The same goes when we use our reactive pathways as opposed to our reasoning pathways.  Confused? Think of it this way. Only you get to control what your mind does, how it thinks, and what output it gives the body when things happen to it.  The thing is, if we don’t watch it, then it just goes on autopilot.  Ever picked up a bag of snacks and moments later wondered how the empty bag got in your hands? That’s the kind of subconscious behavior that I’m going to help you make conscious so that if you do make decisions that aren’t in your best interest, at least you’ve given it some thought, not just followed old habits.

The mind is a powerful thing. When used to serve you it can be the key to results. When not, it follows it’s well-worn pathways. I’ll be here to help you build new pathways to a better, happier, more in-control version of you.