When it comes to taking action, so many times we decide to do something and we jump into action right as the mood grabs us. We dust off our running shoes, lace them up, and head on down the street. The ensuing muscle soreness then brings us back to reality and we realize that perhaps we made a mistake. The next time we make plans, a co-worker or friend decides they’d rather do something else and they want you to come along. Strike two in the ‘take action’ challenge.

There are few things that we have control of in this world, and what we DO with our bodies is truly the thing we have most control over. Now, how we do it, what we do when we do it, that’s where my job comes in. There’s a right way and a …well other more painful less effective ways to get your body moving. I’ll be giving you a plan that you can use to find out where you’re at, then show you where to go from there.